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Customer Care


We are a customer focused firm and believe quality service means improving our client’s financial situation every year. We accomplish this through a unique planning approach and through consistent reviews of their financial blueprints.

Caring for You

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We take a team approach to servicing our clients. Our team of financial advisors and customer service specialist have years of experience helping Canadian’s achieve their financial objectives. Our clients are kept informed of important and relevant information, financial industry updates, and new ideas and solutions that would positively impact their important financial goals.

Community Engagement

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Herr Wealth Management understands the need and importance of supporting the communities we all live and work in. We participate in a full recycling program and work hard to reduce our impact on the environment by reducing, reusing or eliminating everything we can. We have a tree planting program in honour of our clients and employees. We plant a tree on their birthdays every year. To further support our communities, we are committed to donating 1 % of annual profit to important community social agencies such as United Way, Pathways to Education and the arts community.

Customer Concerns

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If you have a concern speak to one of our customer service specialists who are capable of resolving any concerns in a timely and confidential manner. We hope and expect we can resolve our clients concerns quickly and easily.

Our Process


Step 1

Speak with our customer service team who are capable of resolving your concerns in a timely manner. 1-888-346-5863

Step 2

If your concern remains unresolved forward your concerns in writing. Please indicate your name, relevant product numbers, name of your advisor, and the specific concern.

Herr Wealth Management

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Guelph, Ontario

Email: info@herrwm.com

Step 3

If your concern is still unresolved you may wish to contact the product or solution provider and we will refer you to the appropriate contact.

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