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We believe it's difficult to help our client achieve their important financial and estate objectives without a proper plan that is clear on goals and values. We believe your economic status is not relevant and that everyone can benefit and afford a financial blueprint tailored to their specific circumstance. The old saying, if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there comes to mind. Creating your financial blueprint delivers clarity of direction, the road to achieve your goals and peace of mind.

As the principal of this firm with over 34 years of experience I’m amazed at how little planning is being offered or being done in our industry. We are building this firm around client first and plan first. We believe that by having a plan we can better position our customers to make better decision around the solutions or products they need to meet their goals. We want to know what the issues and opportunities are for each of our clients and then help them solve for that.

We also believe that a plan needs to be dynamic. By this I mean it needs to be reviewed regularly and adjusted for the life changes and economic changes occurring every day. So an annual review is a must in our view to ensure the goals area achieved.

Mission Statement

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We have one purpose in mind at Herr Wealth Management, to help our clients achieve their important family and financial goals and deliver the peace of mind that comes with knowing those goals can be achieved.

Why Us?

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Simple! We put our clients interest first! We focus on what is important to you and your family. Together, we create a financial blueprint that enables you to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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